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Paa-Ko 2017 Bracket Challenge

Paa-Ko Ridge Bracket Challenge 2017. If you have played the Paa-Ko Ridge Bracket Challenge in the past and have the same email address, you will paako-bracket-button-2receive an invitation to join the game again this year. If you have not played before and want to play, just send a email to – bracketchallenge@paakoridge.com and type “send me a invite” in the subject line and we will send you an invitation to join the 2017 Bracket Challenge.  Deadline for entries is 8:00 AM Mountain Standard Time, March 16.  We suggest you not wait until the last minute, the system slows down with excessive demand and your picks may not make it in.



First Prize is 4 free green fees*, Second Prize is 2 free green fees*, & Third Place Prize is 1 free green fee*

*carts available for $20