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Paa-Ko Ridge is located in the high desert region of New Mexico. This is one of the most moderate of the four-season climate zones in North America. In the winter, picturesque snowfalls are often followed by days of sunshine. The warm days of summer (with wonderfully low humidity) are interspersed with cool nights. Average temperatures in the summer range from a high of 83º F. to a low of 51º F. Average temperatures in the winter range from a high of 44º F. to a low of 19º F. Summertime humidity levels average 55%. With 310 days of sunshine a year, Paa-Ko experiences just enough precipitation to keep the native trees and grasses lush and healthy.

Month High/Low Relative Humidity
January 43/18 68%
February 47/22 61%
March 53/26 53%
April 63/33 46%
May 72/41 45%
June 83/49 39%
July 85/53 59%
August 81/52 63%
September 75/46 64%
October 66/36 58%
November 53/26 60%
December 44/19 67%